Bathroom Waterproofing Sunshine Coast

AJ Coatings is the leading specialist of bathroom waterproofing on the Sunshine Coast. We provide a full waterproofing service for bathrooms and wet areas, including shower waterproofing, spas and saunas.

Our bathroom waterproofing system has been used on thousands of properties in South East Queensland, without a single leak being reported in over 25 years. We’ve perfected our bathroom and shower waterproofing service down to a fine art, guaranteeing satisfaction and high-quality results every time.

What exactly is bathroom waterproofing?

Waterproofing is an essential step for the construction or renovation of any bathroom. It enhances the aesthetic of your bathroom, while reducing water damage to the bathroom and adjoining rooms, minimising repair and replacement costs.

When most people build or renovate a bathroom, they usually apply tiles, paint, wallpaper or linoleum directly to floorboards or plasterboards. This keeps costs at a minimum but can lead to major problems down the line, as these surfaces are not made to withstand damp or wet conditions, which is when leaks and water damage can occur. Unforeseen costs caused by mould or water damage can be monumental.

The solution is to waterproof your bathroom and shower. This involves installing a waterproof barrier around the flooring and walls of your bathroom to protects the structure of the house or commercial property from moisture damage.

AJ Coatings bathroom and shower waterproofing service

At AJ Coatings, we take bathroom waterproofing very seriously. Our leak-proof waterproofing system consists of one coat of epoxy primer and two top coats of high quality latex, with all joints reinforced with highly durable matting. We exclusively use non-toxic, hospital grade materials to ensure upmost safety at all times.

In Australia, waterproofing must be done to a strict set of standards within the Australian Building Code guidelines. Our tradespeople are fully licensed, qualified and supply all certifications and council requirements.

As Sunshine Coast locals, we know how much use bathrooms get after days spent outdoors enjoying our sunny climate. Our team of dedicated waterproofing specialists provides high quality workmanship to ensure our customers enjoy friendly service with results that last.

If you’re renovating a bathroom, we also offer a complete dustless floor stripping service. We use high powered ducting fans and industrial vacuum cleaners to remove fixtures, fittings and floor and wall tiles.

Benefits of waterproofing your bathroom

Bathroom waterproofing has so many advantages that we believe it’s an essential part of any new build or renovation. These are just five of the reasons why you should consider waterproofing your bathroom and shower:

  • Waterproofing stops leaks, which can damage the rest of your home and result in huge repair costs
  • Waterproofing prevents the build-up of condensation, preventing damp and mould from forming
  • Waterproofing is a great insulator, reducing energy costs by keeping your bathroom cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Waterproofing increases the value of your property, as it’s a feature more home buyers and investors are looking for today
  • Waterproofing opens the door for more bathroom style and design options, as you can get creative with wall hung cisterns and basins, shower trays and other special touches.

When you consider all the benefits of waterproofing your bathroom, the cost pays for itself. AJ Coatings services are designed to offer the highest quality craftsmanship at the most competitive price possible, so if you’re looking for affordable, reliable bathroom waterproofing on the Sunshine Coast, contact us for your free quote today.